Comment Moderation Policy

We hate that we have to include this section, but if everyone is accurately informed before hand, it should help make this community an enjoyable place to be.

Comment Moderation Policy

Naturally, we all hold different views and opinions. How stagnant would the world be if everyone thought the same thing! Please, feel free to disagree and voice your opinion! Having a logical argument and evidence to back up your opinion will give it more credence, though.

In short, your comment will not be removed for voicing a differing opinion.

Your comment will be removed if you start making personal attacks on one of the other commentators or authors, or if it includes any exceedingly hateful comment of any kind against a specific group or organization.

Also, any comment that is made purely for the purpose of self promotion and does not relate to the topic at hand will be regarded as spam and removed. Links to your own site or another site are fine to include in the comments section, just make sure that it pertains to the topic at hand.

Comments are automatically published without prior moderation on posts which have been published within the last 30 days. If everyone continues to adhere to this policy, this privilege will remain.

On posts which are older than 30 days, comments that are submitted will be published upon receiving approval, in an effort to reduce to spam. Comments may be removed by the discretion of the editor (that'd be me) based upon the above policy. This moderation policy also extends to the Greg Rides Trails Facebook page.




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