Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Cussed Out by a Fat Redneck

In case you haven't noticed, I published a blog post last week about a run in I had with a redneck on my 2nd ever road ride. Quite a few people have responded, and there has been tons of great advice given on how to respond to people, why you shouldn't respond violently, how you should respond physically if you need to...

If you haven't yet, I recommend you take a few minutes and read through the comments section, as so much great advice has been contributed.

One of the best comments I received (though all of them were good) was from Jesse Turk, a good friend of mine. He writes:


As troubling things like this can be I strongly recommend to never react to people at all when they do stuff like that. Despite what the law says about cyclist, a lot of motorist (including motorcyclist) do not feel like you should be allowed to ride in the road. The reason I recommend not reacting is not particularly for that exact moment but for the riders that this motorist will come in contact with in the future. His anger will be even greater if the next rider reacts similarly which could result in actual harm to someone. It like if you are driving your car and a person driving a particular color, make, and model of a car does something very rude and/or dangerous. Every time you see that type car you will be fighting those similar feelings you had the moment it happened initially. So in essence every time he see a cyclist he will see you. This is the only way I can curb the emotional response. It's for the next guy...and we are always the next guy to someone else.

In reference to the knife: Carrying a knife is wise on and off the road. Not particularly for self-defense but just in case you need to free your arm from a misplaced rock. However if packing a blade in your jersey you are at great risk for it coming open during a crash and injuring you during that process. Especially if it is open assisted. Your best defense is your cell phone for people that are inconsiderate and just quickly send a text to yourself of the tag number and then call the police.

Love ya brother.

Be sure to hit up the comments section and read all of the other great advice that people have offered!


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