Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thrifty Thrashing Tip #5: Buy Take-Offs

While some tires can be salvaged, this
one is totally shot! Photo Credit
During the last tip on riding your tires until they're bald, I promised a thrifty way to replace your tires. That method is to buy take-offs.

See, this is what people with money sprouting out of their ears do: they buy new mountain bike tires, go out and ride them for a couple hundred miles until they start to look a little bit worn, and then they take them off and buy new ones. These slightly worn tires with plenty of life usually end up cluttering up said persons garage, or hanging on a peg in the storage room of your local bike shop.

Usually, these tires will sit there for so long that the person will want to just get them out of their garage or out of their bike shop and will sell them to you for dirt cheap, or they might actually just give them to you to clean things out.

Lots of times, these tires have tons of life left in them and are just looking for someone to love them!

Go to your LBS and adopt some poor, abandoned tires today!


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