Thursday, January 13, 2011

News on the "Wingman:" The New Dirt Jumper by Airborne

Airborne has released official photos of the finished dirt jump bike, which has been christened the "Wingman." Retail value is rumored to be about $750, which as an absolute steal for a bike of this caliber!

Several Flight Crew members have already been punishing this rig to see what it's made of.  Included in the post below is a video of Flight Crew member Marty Tank throwing a 360 into the foam pit on Rays while aboard the Wingman.  Click "Read More" for all the goodies!

Marty Tank, 360 into the foam pit:

Money Shot of the Wingman
Chain Stay Graphics

The All-Seeing Eye
Airborne Decal

Marty Tank Tearing it up at Ray's, Milwaukee:

Rider: Marty Tank
Riding Skinnies
Rider: Marty Tank
Rider: Marty Tank
For even more information: The venerable Dirt Rag recently posted a blog post with a bunch of exclusive photography of the Goblin, Wingman, and the new Airborne cyclocross bike: the Delta. Check it out here!


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