Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stay off the Trainer and on the Singletrack: 7 Essential Pieces of Cycling Apparel for Winter Mountain Biking

It is a weird time of year to be a mountain biker. Depending on where you live, you could either be trying to get up the determination to brave the chill and ride, or putting away your bike and waxing up the downhill skis.

Here in the southeast, most of us tend to mountain bike year round since the cold weather isn’t that severe and we don’t get enough snow to ski on. I say “most of us” because the cold inevitably scares a number of riders off of their bikes and into the gym or onto the trainer. However, after growing up in central Wisconsin and living in Montana, I have learned that you can enjoy exercising outdoors in just about any conditions.

The trick is to dress for the weather.
This is the blog post that I wrote as a part of my application for the Singletracks Blog Team. It covers 7 essential pieces of gear that you need in order to shred singletrack this winter. They are:

  1. Long-Sleeve Jersey
  2. Riding Tights
  3. Full-Finger Gloves
  4. Wool Socks
  5. Shoe Covers
  6. Large Hydration Pack
  7. Cycling Beanie
Want the scoop, complete with some sweet photos? 


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