Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forest Fire at Bull Mountain

Over this past weekend a forest fire was started and burned in the Bull Mountain trail system. I was riding with a few friends on Monday afternoon, and we crossed paths with a number of Forest Service workers keeping an eye on the smoldering destruction. Naturally, we pumped them for as much information as possible.

Apparently, the fire burned an area of 440 acres. We asked what caused it, and the fire fighter said that they were pretty sure someone had set it. 

Someone had set it? Who would do such a horrendous thing! Burning up our beautiful forests on purpose?! I was (am) pissed beyond all belief. Thankfully, the affected area doesn't appear to be too great.

Affected Trails
The entire Jones Creek Ridge area was engulfed in the fire. It will be closed until the forest service deems it safe. Burned snags above the trails will need to be cleared, fallen trees will probably need to be cut out as well, but apparently they shouldn't be closed for a really long period of time.

On Monday we rode everything to the east of Jones Creek Ridge, and that was entirely unaffected. Afterwards, I drove up to the Bull Mountain parking lot to see if I could spot indications of the fire, but I wasn't able to find any. However, I can't be sure that the main Bull Mountain loop is completely unaffected. If and when I find out, I'll be sure to post an update

If you are heading out to ride, please be sure to plan accordingly, and stay safe!

And remember, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"


Matt February 24, 2011 at 8:55 AM  

Thanks for posting the pictures, brother! It is sad that someone would do such a terrible thing to such an awesome place. I do hope that it doesn't affect the Southern Cross Race this weekend.

Greg Heil February 25, 2011 at 3:06 PM  

I was in the shop today, and everyone was talking about the 'cross race. Sounds like it won't be affected.

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