Friday, February 5, 2010

Jones Creek Ridge, Dahlonega, Georgia

Getting There
From Dahlonega, Georgia head West out of town on Hwy 9.  Take a right onto Hwy 52, and then 4.6 miles later take a right onto Nimblewill Church Road at the old Grizzle's Country Store.  Pass the Jake Mountain parking lot sign, but take a right at the Bull Mountain sign.  Continue right up FS 28-1 (don't take the left towards the Bull Mountain Trailhead) and drive until you reach the fork of FS 77 and FS 28-1.  Park somewhere around there. Google Maps interactive trailhead location

(Alternatively, park at the Bull Mountain trailhead and ride from there).

The Route
Pick up the Bull Mountain Trails map (red) printed by Milestone Press as your crucial navigational resource. Also, the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map #777 is awesome as well, and great for navigating all of the forest roads in the greater Blue Ridge WMA area. 

 Either head left and climb up FS 77, or head right on FS 28-1, hang a left on the Turner Creek Trail and climb up that.  For the second option, you'll have to turn right on a doubletrack road, turn left to pick up the singletrack again, and when you hit the big junction with singletrack going up and back towards to the left, and slightly up and more straight/right, keep heading left up the singletrack until you pop out onto FS 77.  Continue across the road and hook up with the Jones Creek Ridge trail. I recommend climbing up Turner Creek for the most singletrack.  This creates approximately a 4.5-5 mile loop.

Then, once you hit Jones Creek Ridge, climb up to the ridge, and drop down the other side.  During the wide doubletrack-ish descent, make sure you pick up the singletrack breaking off to the right.  Continue dropping down that.  At the all singletrack junction, turn hard left to get back to your car, or continue straight/right to hook into the actual Bull Mountain loop. (Length out to the Bull Mountain loop is longer, with several big climbs, sweet views, and nice singletrack.) When you reach the clearing with the shed, continue straight across it, and bear right.  This will pop you out on FS 77 at the junction with FS 28-1, right at your car.

Bull Mountain, from Jones Creek RidgeAbout the Trail 
This is one of my favorite downhills in the area!  That being said, this trail begins with a steep, loose climb  (off of FS 77) covered in baby heads and washouts. I've cleaned that climb once; it's nasty, and could use some maintenance.  The intensity eases as you approach the top, and you will crest the ridge into a mountain top meadow with a beautiful view of North Georgia.  Pay attention to the trail though because it tilts downward, and fast!  This is a freaking sweet-high speed descent, but there is currently (02/05/2010) a large tree down right in the middle of it, and if you rail it too hard you will not have nearly enough time to stop when you see this log coming at you around a turn.  So take it slow!  Update (08/24/2010): The tree is no longer there, but the trail is getting pretty overgrown by thorn bushes.

As you exit the meadow, you're treated to a high speed doubletrack descent, including several rollers with opportunities for some hang time! Be sure to pick up the singletrack taking off to the right.  The rest of the trail is awesome singletrack, with several wonderfully gnarly descents, and a couple of climbs that aren't too tough.  All told, this is an awesome trail!

Be sure to combine this with part of Turner Creek for a quick ride with some of the best singletrack in the Bull Mountain area! Or, hook it up with the Bull Mountain loop for an even longer ride.  With all the trails and forest roads out there, the possibilities really are endless.

If you ride this trail over towards the Bull Mountain loop, there's a lot more singletrack, some awesome views off the dam, and several steep climbs.  Definitely a good ride as well!

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