Thursday, February 11, 2010

Losing the War: Bike Repair Woes

I'm losing the war to broken bike parts.

Today, I set aside some time to do some work on my bike, and replace some warn out parts (including my rear brake pad).  I was really excited pumped up about doing some maintenance, because I had just finished a long trek to pick up my wayward bike parts.Long story short, got my brake pad installed, pistons reset, and I have no freaking brake power!  Went to the shop, and talked with the guys, and it's the same thing that is still not fixed with my front brake.  I'm going to need to get both master cylinders in my brakes fixed before I can ride again.

So I was thinking, instead of calling this blog "Greg Rides Trails," maybe it should be called something more along the lines of "Greg Wishes He Rode Trails," or "Greg's Bike Repair Woes."

bike repairs

bike repairs


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