Sunday, February 7, 2010

441 Trails, Athens, Georgia

Getting There
From the loop in Athens, get off on the 441 North exit, and take a right.  Drive past the gas station, and soon after turn right and park under the billboard. The trails start opposite the billboard.

The Route
There is no good way to describe how to ride this trail.  I've ridden it maybe a dozen times or more, and I still get turned around back in the woods.  The one thing to know is that there is also a freeride bowl with a couple of different jump lines on the other side of Boley Dr.  Definitely check those out.

About the Trail
The coolest part about this trail is definitely the freeride bowl and jump lines, as well as one of the drop lines back in the woods on the cross country trails.  The freeride bowl has a roll in to several serious dirt jumps, a wall ride, some berms, a ladder drop, and another couple of drops scattered around.  Out from beneath the trees there is also a beginner type jump line built down an old wash out that's fun to play around on.  If you want to freeride in the Athens area, this is about the only place to do it, so check it out!

As far as the cross country trails go, there are not very well ridden, and take special attention to be able to follow them at times.  They are tight, twisty, and in spots very technical.  If you engage your mojo you can get some flow going, however.  It takes skill, but it's possible to rock and roll through those trees at a decent pace. Expect to get turned around, but there's only about 5 miles of trails out there total, so just ride around in circles for a while and have a blast!

Bottom line: rock out in the freeride bowl, or drill on some tech back in the trees. Local, underground atmosphere.

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