Friday, February 19, 2010

The Beauty of the Mountains

As I drove back into Dahlonega the other day, I noticed that the tops of the mountain ridges were still covered with the snow from several days earlier.  They actually looked much like the mountains in Northwest Montana when it starts snowing around the peaks, but the snow line doesn't reach all the way down to the valley.

I am just in awe of the mountains and the majestic beauty that they portray!  Our short Valentine's Day getaway to North Caroline was void of any intense exercise or far-ranging explorations.  Rather, we spent most of the time just enjoying each other and soaking in the majestic creation that God has put around us!  That is why I love the mountains:  the are visible testaments to the power, majesty, and beauty of God!

(PS All this reminds me that I really want to get back up there to ride because those mountains are a heck of a lot bigger than those we have in North Georgia.)

The Swan Range as seen from the Flathead Valley, Montana.


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