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FATS (Forks Area Trail System), Augusta (Clarks Hill), South Carolina

Leafy singletrack
FATS in the Fall.
Photo Credit: Brian W.
Getting There
Courtesy of the listing:

From I-20 near Augusta, GA take SC Exit 1 (SC 230). Head north on SC 230 for about 5 miles. Turn left on Woodlawn Rd. Go approx. 4 miles, trailhead parking area is on the left.

The Route
There are about 6 singletrack loops that make up this trail system for a total of over 35 miles of singletrack!  The trails are all well signed, with a big information kiosk at the trailhead.  Make your own route!

All About the Trail
FATS rocks! That is about all there is to it.  There are very few places in the Southeast where you can go and ride 35 miles of singletrack without having to worry about grinding up a forest road. On top of that, this is one of the best-maintained trails anywhere in the nation!  This is one of the main reasons IMBA is hosting their international summit in Augusta in 2010.  In addition to the quality upkeep of the singletrack itself, the trail signage is excellent, parking is well laid out, and there are plenty of amenities such as a pit toilet, water pump, and picnic tables at the trailhead.

Forks Area Trail System
Brown Wave. Photo Credit: Brian W.

But what about the quality of the trails themselves?  The singletrack at FATS is FAST! FATS boasts smooth, hardpacked trails that flow up, down, and across the hills of South Carolina.  None of the climbs are difficult, and none of the descents are hazardous.  In fact, none of the trails are "technical," in the basic sense of the word, at all.  A beginning rider with modest fitness should be able to ride all of the trails here.  However, when the speed gets kicked up, all of the undulating rollers turn into opportunities for the experienced rider to get some serious hangtime! The trails are incredible in the way they can serve both beginner and advanced desires for a mountain bike trail. The only things they do not provide, however, are really long, steep hills or seriously rocky, rooty technical terrain.  If you have a choice of bike to bring, bring the hardtail.

Bottom line: There is a reason that FATS can see 200-300 riders per day easily.  Actually, there are 35 reasons.


Nearby Trails:
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Stevens Creek/Modoc Trail, Augusta (Modoc), South Carolina

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Anonymous,  June 7, 2010 at 4:38 PM  

FATS is in Clarks Hill, SC. It is just outside of Augusta, GA.


Greg Heil June 7, 2010 at 5:40 PM  

Hey anmen,
Thanks for the correction! I've modified the title.

Seriously, thanks for the input. I really appreciate it!


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