Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turkey Creek, Augusta (Plum Branch), South Carolina

Getting there
From Augusta/I-20, head north on Hwy. 28 to Modoc. Turn right in Modoc on Hwy. 23. Go roughly 6 miles to Key Rd. and hang a left.  About 5 miles down you will pass over a bridge.  Turkey Creek starts on the left immediately after the bridge, and Wine Creek starts on the right.

The Route
As with Stevens Creek, there is little route-finding to do on this ride.  It is a simple out-and-back: 7 miles each way.  Also, Wine Creek is very similar and starts on the opposite side of the road.  Wine Creek is a 5 mile out and 5 mile back ride, so if you're in the mood for a long ride, combine the two for a total of 24 miles.  Cheers!

All About the Trail
Turkey Creek is a twin Sister to Wine Creek, and shares many of the same characteristics that Stevens Creek does. The main differences between Turkey Creek and Stevens Creek is that Turkey Creek has more changes in elevation, and it generally passes at a lower elevation, closer to the creek than does Stevens Creek Trail. As such, the tread of the trail is a little loamier, and there are several interesting bridges spread out (especially through the first couple of miles) along the trail.

As I mentioned, Turkey Creek Trail shares many of the characteristics of the typical Sumter National Forest singletrack: Sinewy/curvy singletrack, contoured benchcut trail, technically easy. But overall, just incredible trail!

Bottom line: Beautiful, easy singletrack. Combine an out-and-back on Turkey Creek with an out-and-back on Wine Creek for a nice long ride.

Riding through the deep woods of Sumter National Forest is a sobering yet soothing experience.
Sunrise at the beginning of my ride.


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