Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Ride for Over a Week

Sorry for the cell phone pictures...
Yesterday I knocked out my last ride for what will be over a week off the bike. Well, I am going to be plenty busy and plenty active, and will be getting some serious cross training in.  Hopefully I'll come back from this week of skiing even stronger, and ready to attack the trails even harder.

We here in North Georgia had just gotten pulverized with another snow storm, and unfortunately the snow still hasn't fully melted off.  I resorted to grinding 13 miles on muddy USFS roads.  I thought it was going to be misery, but in fact I was just so glad to be out on the bike again, cranking the pedals, that I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

...left my SD card in my computer again.
I can handle gravel road riding, especially in the mountains.  If I do it too often it quickly loses its appeal.

But yesterday was one of the enjoyable days.

PS: At the time of this posting, I am en route to Minneapolis, MN.  I'm planning on posting regular updates about my trip here on the blog.  Be sure to check back daily to get the scoop on the skiing in the midwest

Anyone else planning any big trips soon?


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