Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flying and Traveling

I enjoy flying. It is a generally incredible experience that I only get to enjoy once or twice a year at most.  It is intensely liberating and relaxing to be flying away from work, from responsibilities, and from the normal headaches of life.  As I am a college student, I never travel for work, so flying always embodies some sort of vacation: some place that I really want to visit or some person/people that I really want to see (or else why would I be spending so much money on a plane ticket?)

The only issue with flying is that transporting a bike on a plane is an incredible feat that requires almost expert-level skill and patience, from what I have heard.  I have never attempted to do so myself.  The hassle of it all has greatly outweighed the possible benefits, at least up to this point in my life.  I wish it was easier, I sincerely do.  It would make traveling to bike in far off destinations much easier and much more inexpensive.  I have many places that I long to ride, but due to living on the right coast, the driving distances to many of these fantasy-worthy mountain biking destinations are significant. 

Driving across Montana
Since flying with a bike is such a hassle, it is usually mandatory to turn to road tripping as the best solution. Well hey, that’s really good because I would way rather road trip than fly!  Yeah, I like flying, but I like traveling in general.  I love driving long distances!  The independence of the open road, and being in control of the vehicle I’m traveling in are things that just pour enjoyment into my soul.  Sure, sometimes the distances are so great that flying would be significantly easier, I’ll grant you that.  But the independence of the road trip, greater bicycle transporting capacities, and the possibility for spontaneity make it the premier choice of mountain bikers seeking epic singletrack

So fly on my friends, and I will fly with you.  But drive on my friends, and I will assuredly ride with you!


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