Friday, March 12, 2010

Ski Day 5: Final day. Mount Bohemia, the U.P. of Michigan.

Click here to read about our 4th day of skiing on this trip, and our first day at Mount Bohemia.

<-- This was the weather today. We almost didn’t ski.  However, I got hooked up with a free lift ticket, so we figured “Ah, what the heck, we’ll get a couple hours in and then head for home.” The snow was actually pretty decent today, if we compare it to what we rode yesterday.  The clouds kept it running a little faster, and Bohemia didn’t get as much rain as was forecasted, so all in all it was O.K. skiing. 

Skier: Greg. Photo: AJ.
AJ and I shredded for about 3 hours, shot some photos, and then packed up and headed for home. The past 5 days have dished out a whole lot of skiing with a whole lot of gnar.  It has been an incredible trip, and most likely will be one of those trips that are always reminisced about fondly.  The decision to head home was partly due to the massive dose of skiing we’d already taken, and partly due to the fact that I have less than 24 hours to spend time with all of the people that I want to meet up with back home.  It is inevitable that I won’t get to spend enough time with everyone.  This has been quite the whirlwind tour, and was mostly about the skiing. 

AJ texting.
AJ and I have spent the last 5 days straight together, and I’m sure he’s had enough of me and my thirst for more and more vertical.  I almost thought he was going to give up on me after only a half hour of skiing today.  He started to rebel, and just stood on the hill and texted while I clocked two runs.  Eventually I got him motivated, and we got a solid bit of skiing in today, thin snowpack and all.

The snow really was thin.  It was thin enough for the owners to make the call to close after today.  Yep, that’s right: we caught Bohemia’s closing day.  The last time I skied Bohemia, it was closing day.  And the snowpack was no better! That’s Bohemia for ya… and we love it!

Skier: AJ. Photo: Greg.
Part 2:  We leave Bohemia, planning on getting home early to spend time with family.  That didn't happen.  Firstly, I got the big Astro Van stuck in a snowdrift in a gas station parking lot.  Don't ask how it happened, I'm trying to forget it.  Long story short, this really chill yooper pulled us out after 20 min. of trying to dig it out with a spade.  We hit the road for home, trying to make up lost time.

About 200 miles later AJ's driving, the lights on the dashboard start flickering, the cruise control cuts off, and the car dies on the side of the interstate, 2 hours from home.  My diagnosis: the alternator went out.  Despite that, we jimmy with the leads on the battery to see if something more minor is the issue.  Nothing doing. Some of our relatives come to help, and have hopefully gotten our van towed for us.  After a couple of hours we end up getting a ride from one of our super chill uncles all the way home. (This is the boiled down version, eliminating many elements such as dying of cancer.)  Currently have no idea what's up with the vehicle, but we're back in a familiar setting, and I'll still make my flight back to my wife tomorrow afternoon.  I'm looking forward to spending time with all of my friends and fam. tomorrow, but honestly I'm missing my wife so much that everything is taking a back seat to that ache.

It has been a chaotic day to say the least. 

Skier: Greg. Photo: AJ.


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