Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dry Trails and Warm Temps!

As I wrote almost a week ago, I was very anxious for warm weather, dry trails, and sunny days to finally return. Well, they have!! Thursday the high temperatures around North Georgia were in the low 60's, yesterday the temps. topped out at about 70 degrees, and today the sun is supposed to work its magic again with highs in the 70's! Yesterday I really didn't get to enjoy the amazing weather to the full, as I did taxes all morning and worked all afternoon. Lame.  Andrew Carney recently exhorted everyone on his blog to"Work Less Ride More." Well, some work does need to be done. But I'm going to be working on the riding more part!

The success story of the past two days comes from Thursday. Thursday I got out of class, did some blogging, and then headed to Chicopee Woods and dominated 21 miles of beautiful singletrack! It was such a pleasure to get to ride and ride and not have to climb a gravel road or do any sort of connecting between trails, but to just ride singletrack and keep on riding!  By far the best part, the crucial element that made the ride so epic, was the dry, beautifully maintained trail! Man, it felt so great to ride dry trails again!  It seems like all of the trails in the Bull Mountian network never fully dry out, due to the large number of stream crossings spread throughout the system.  Granted, there is one large stream crossing at Chicopee, but other than that the trails were dry and fast!

Dry trails are really what most mountain bikers are, and should, be looking for.  Riding really wet trails is detrimental for all the reasons that most of us know about. If you don't know about them, I may write a post about that sometime soon, or you can check out my first trail advocacy meeting. 

Long story short: good riding is upon us again!  Let's get out and ride!

I dominated this log ride


Anonymous,  March 22, 2010 at 10:40 PM  

Glad that you got to ride on one of the few nice days that we have had lately. I agree that Chicopee is one of the best tail systems there is! I ride there often and help on work days whenever I can.

Greg Heil March 23, 2010 at 7:55 AM  

Yeah, it was a gorgeous day! Looks like the trails in Gainesville are still closed, but the weather for today and tomorrow are looking spectacular! I'm probably going to hit up a gravel road ride up in the mountains.

I'm really digging the quality of the trail construction at Chicopee. The trails were designed to deliver such epic swoop and flow, it's awesome!

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