Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Information: Yahoola Creek Reservoir Trail

I added more information in the form of a quotation to the Yahoola Creek Reservoir trail review.

Here it is:

Just a couple of notes: This trail was built by Todd Smith Grading Co., by contract to Lumpkin County, who received a Recreational Trails Program grant through GA DNR. It was NOT built by Yahoola Trails Conservancy (or any other advocacy organization). In fact, YTC attempted to assist the county with the planning, design, and even construction, but the County wanted complete control...and this trail is the unfortunate result. What a missed opportunity! At any rate, it is supposed to be a single-use (hiking) trail, but it has not been marked as such (there are no maps/markings at all yet) fact the County says it is not "officially" open, but plenty of people are using it. Because of several very steep grades (>35%!) this trail would be rated as "most difficult," but it is very wide (more of a road than a trail) and very scenic. If you are using it, please do anything you can do to improve it.


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