Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ski Day 4: Mount Bohemia, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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Mount Bohemia. Those two words bring visions to mind of trees, cliffs, moguls, and coreshots.  All of these were had today.  I feel really bad about the coreshot, since the skis I was riding weren't even mine.  I had called my Dad up and told him that the skis I was borrowing weren't in very good shape, but that was before I put a massive gouge down to the core in the right ski.  Not such a good thing.  Actually, it's pretty embarrassing because I was specifically trying to take it easy on these skis.  I guess I failed epically.

Skier: AJ. Photo: Greg
But that's typical Mount Bohemia, especially in the spring.  Rocks and bare spots covered the mountain, with only about 50% of the terrain open.  The terrain being "open" doesn't mean a whole lot at Bohemia.  They make no snow, don't groom any of the runs, and mark about 1% of the obstacles.  This place is raw and unkempt.  And I love it!

Skier: Greg. Photo: AJ.
Bohemia is not a resort to take the kiddies to.  They have large signs proclaiming "Beginners not allowed," and "Reckless skiing at Mount Bohemia can cause death."  They're not joking, either.  This place is hardcore, which is what keeps us coming back year after year.

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