Monday, March 22, 2010


Saturday turned out to be even more incredible than I thought it would be!

My wife and I headed out into the beautiful spring weather and spent a couple of hours riding the local Jake Mountain trails. The trails were in perfect condition, and the sun was so warm that it even felt hot. Yeah, the excessive March warmth called for the sleeveless jerseys to come out of the closet. Ah, it was a great ride!

Airing off a root

What made our day Saturday truly enjoyable was how care-free and totally unplugged we were.  It was a great return to the elemental: enjoying creation, enjoying the company of loved ones, and living down in the dirt. We rode singletrack, went to the park to cook out, and hiked around to see a beautiful waterfall--and I didn't check my cell phone or the time even once.  Seriously, I went for almost a full day without worrying about the time.  That, my friends, is freedom.

Amicalola Falls
Jake Mountain Trails


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