Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Call to Action: Post Your Trails

Originally posted here as a call to other Singletracks members to post their local trails and to continue making the best mountain bike site on the internet.

So this is a post I've been meaning to write for a while. But basically, if you've ridden trails that aren't up here on Singletracks, you should post them up so everyone can know about them!

Of the half dozen or so guidebooks that I own, each of them includes trails that aren't posted here on singletracks. I've done my fair share, and every trail I've ever ridden is up here on the website for all to see. But there are so many out there that need to be added!

Near where I was living in Montana, I know there are a dozen or so awesome trails that I didn't get a chance to ride that needed to be added. There are so many more all over that state that need to be on here!

I was reading the latest issue of Bike Mag, and they were talking about the hundreds of awesome trails up in BC. We have less than 25 trails from BC listed here on Singletracks.

So let's keep on making this the best mountain bike site on the internet! And post those trails!


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