Thursday, February 25, 2010

Victoria Bryant State Park, Royston (Franklin Springs), Georgia

Getting There 
From Franklin Springs, head north on 327 just a bit, and it will be on your left.

The Route
As you can see to the left, there are several nice signs spread throughout the trail system to help you get your bearings.  All of the trails are well marked with spray painted blazes on the trees.  Piece together a ride of up to about 15 miles for some hilly Piedmont riding!

All About the Trail
Whenever I ride at Victoria Bryant, it seems like I always have forgotten how hilly Franklin County can be.  This is technically the foothills of the Piedmont mountains, and while there isn't any serious elevation to be found here, there is some serious hilliness.  Most of the perceived hilliness comes from how the trails are made: they seem to go straight down and straight up the hills.  Don't get me wrong, everything is rideable, it just feels like there is never a flat spot to be had in the entire trail network!  Despite the lack of massive elevation, it makes for a good workout!

Technically, these trails are about as tame as the come.  The only singletrack in the entire park is super tech, and illegal to bicycles. The 15 or so miles of legal trail are all wide doubletrack winding their way through the woods.  Some of the trails are even so tame as to have all the roots and rocks sticking out of the trail more than two inches spray painted so some old woman doesn't trip over them. 

Bottom line: All the negativity aside, if you're in Royston, want to ride your bike, and don't want to drive 45 minutes.... well then you're going to have to ride Victoria Bryant.  And because it's better than not riding, it'll be an enjoyable spin through the woods.

Rides at this trail:


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