Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lazy Rider

I was planning on meeting one of the local riders today. He ended up not showing (turns out he's got an infected knee from a bike crash, and he's chilling at home on antibiotics. I guess that counts as a valid excuse). So, I was reduced to self-motivation in order to get a ride in. It seriously was not a good situation. It took more will power than I want to admit to get dressed and out the door this morning just to meet at 9. And then it turns out that if I was going to ride, I was going to have to make myself do it.

I ended up riding No Tell across, dropping down part of Turner Creek (which I still think is some of the best singletrack in the Bull Mountain network), hooking up with Jones Creek Ridge, and dropping down that to the FS Road, and ending with a 2 mile climb back to the start.

I got back to my car, and figured I'd done about 8.5 miles. That's not that much. With rain looming in the forecast for the next four days, I really wanted to spend a lot more time in the saddle. But I could not motivate myself to ride more. This is what it came down to:

"I'm sick of riding freaking fire roads."
"I just rode the driest pieces of singletrack, and even some of those were damp."
"My brakes are still all jacked up, and I just crashed several times coming down Jones Creek because I have zilch for stopping power."
"I have a butt-ton of homework to do this afternoon."
So I just couldn't make myself do it. And then I went home and ate a calzone, and am sipping a mountain dew, procrastinating on my homework. Dang, I'm a lazy rider.

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Greg Heil February 3, 2010 at 5:21 PM  

I'm liking the blog template.

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