Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heritage Park, Athens (Farmington), Georgia

Getting There
From Athens, head south from the loop on Hwy 441.  Drive about past Watkinsville and through Farmington, and Heritage Park will be on your right, with a big, white old house, a long white fence, and a couple of horse barns in a massive field. Turn right into the park. Park in the gravel parking lot straight ahead.
Click here for the trailhead's Google Maps placepoint

The Route
From the parking lot, follow the singletrack out through the fence towards the field, and hang a left right as you enter the trees.  The trail is basically a loop with several options to make it shorter.  Follow the Orange arrows (for the most part) to take the hardest trails.  Or just do what looks like the outside loop.  Just keep following arrows and you'll make your way back to the parking lot. This is just about an 8.5 mile loop

All About the Trail
Heritage Park is probably one of the rougher rides this far south in Georgia (or in the Southeast in general).  There are lots of low roots, and quite a few rocks as well.  The climbs and descents are short and steep, and the trail gets pretty tight and twisty in some spots on the advanced trails.  While the singletrack feels rather wide in some spots (but still very singletrack), it gets pretty narrow in others.  In spots its benchcut into the hill, in others it's not.  This trail has a good mix of lots of different riding all thrown in.  Heritage also has this way of thoroughly working me over, despite the fact that it's in Central Georgia and only 8.5 miles long.  If you are doing one of the endurance races out here:  prepare to be hammered.

Bottom line:  This is one of the more popular trails in the area for a reason:  it's just good straight-up mountain biking.

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