Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Year in the Life: Week 3

Day 11: My day today: Work, homework, more work...
Day 12: Spent a little time playing around on my DH rig at Yahoola Creek Park today. Nothing intense, just putzing around!
Day 13: Week night training ride before the bad weather rolls in. Trails were running very dry and fast for February! 2 hrs 17 miles.
Day 14: I had a hot date for Valentine's!
Day 15: 62 and sunny outside today but this is about as much of the beautiful weather as I got to enjoy.
Day 16: Thursday is Saint Day. All articles are due for the student newspaper, and we edit and publish everything Thursday night. Most everyone has already finished up but I was still plugging away...
Day 17: 4.5 hour training ride this afternoon. Felt good to pedal and just keep pedaling! (37 miles)


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