Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Year in the Life: Week 2

Week 2 of the "A Year in the Life" feature:

Day 4: celebrating Ryan and Deb Swails birthday at Ruby Tuesday's!
Day 5: The Middle East has been the main battle ground all game... World history in miniature. Despite the onslaught of the blue horde, I was able to rain victorious! (For this game, at least) PS Ryan had way more men then that on the board... he basically controlled all of the Americas...
Day 6: Two hour solo night ride under the full moon out at Bull Mountain.
Day 7: Commuting by bike at night for the first time ever!
Day 8: Filming a video for Spanish class. And yes, I am eating a quesadilla and loving it!
Day 9: Every day is a good day when you're bike commuting in the sunshine!
Day 10: Met up with my boss for an epic 23 mile ride! Yes, it was certifiably epic: plenty of route finding, getting turned around, bushwacking, hike-a-bikes, riding in a muddy lake bed... oh yeah, and some sweet singletrack! And yes, working for Singletracks = pretty much amazing.


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