Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Year in the Life: Week 5

Day 25: Ran live social media coverage of Southern Cross 2012 at Montaluce Winery. Busy, but fun, day!
Day 26: Reporting on the Southeast Bike Expo for Dirt Rag Magazine. Beautiful day for this inaugural event!
Day 27: My home office. Homework, Singletracks work, internship work, it's all done here.
Day 28: outside enjoying the beautiful weather by sitting in my lawn chair and reading philosophy.
Day 29: drinking mountain dew and burning the midnight oil while working on a paper on leap day.
March 1: commuting is so much more convenient with these spd compatible shoes from five ten. Look for a review of the Maltese falcons on in a few weeks.
March 2: this wonderful lady was manning the race registration table at the Depot bar and grill on friday night. The town of Dalton provided a free meal for all the racers. Score!


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