Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Year in the Life: Week 8

March 17: hanging out at the Dahlonega trail festival in the rain this morning.
March 18: out for a mountain bike ride with my sweetheart!
March 19: what a beautiful evening to be sitting in my lawn chair doing some writing! So blessed to have this as my back yard!
March 20: First day of Spring! North Georgia Campus.
March 21: found my first geocache ever! I've heard about this sport before, but just tried it today for the first time thanks to a conversation with Rion Spurlock. Did some research and there are tons of geocaches out on the mountain bike trails. I think I might be hooked!
March 22: My iPhone. It's amazing how many things this little device can do! A week ago I lost it on the trail for about 2 hours--thankfully we found it!
March 23: Today marks a new milestone: I have had my first article published in a print mountain bike magazine!!! Dirt Rag issue #162, page 18--check it out!!!


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