Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mountain Biking Hints for Novices

The following is a guest post submitted by Pamela Anderson.

Mountain Biking is a great way to have fun and stay fit by getting a complete body workout. It lessens your stress and makes you more vigilant and focused. For mountain biking use special bikes designed for cycling off-road, especially for negotiating successfully over unpaved terrain, steep hills, rocky area, logging trails and dirt tracks.

Stay Safe:

• Opt for high-end braking to ride your bike at great speed while retaining added control over it.

• Get a feel of pedals, whether it is flat or clipless.

• Use gears appropriately and learn to pedal when you are standing on the bike pedals.

• Always have control over your bike while riding, so pick speed wisely.

• On sharp slopes take care to sit back on the seat to avoid flying over handlebars and use correct pressure on handlebars. Hang low on the bike and keep your body nearer to it.

• Slow down your bike when you fall down.

• Learn how to glide over obstacles.

• Loosening shoulders and bending elbows aid in lessening the impact of shocks.

• Be alert of impediments ahead of you on the tracks and think ahead of how to tackle them.

• Wearing helmet is crucial to avoid head injury.

• Put on correct mountain shoes.

• Make sure that your body retains the essential water content. Take non-melting energizers during hottest and coldest days. Eat well-balanced and nourishing diets.

• Carry sun cream during hot seasons.

• Dress ideally for the climate and have protection against wind. Gloves must be comfortable and safeguard you from weather and various hurts.

• Be fit and train your body correctly.

Various Mountain Biking Types:

Cross Country: Bikes with hard tails, completely inflexible frame and suspension frames are used for riding hills up and down and to go for lengthy rides. Bike with single gear and lesser components is used for single speed.

Downhill: Racing down rocky and rutted steep slopes is one of the most perilous styles of mountain biking.

Dirt Jumping: Entails leaping the bike over custom-built big dirt jumps and performing feats while air-bound.

BMX: Doing stunts with bikes of smaller wheels and wheel bases

Cyclo cross: Involves racing along and off the course, traveling over barriers and traversing rivers.

Free ride: Conveying oneself over the area by hitting upon a precise line down mountains.

Street and Urban: Riding along urban sections, over artificial impediments and performing grinds, stalls and other tricks.

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Greg Heil September 2, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

I thought this post was worthy to publish because Pamela is writing at a group of people who are complete beginners to mountain biking. While I try to do that in some of my skills posts and etc., I often take some of the knowledge that Pamela covered for granted, when it should be addressed every so often to make sure such "novices" are knowledgeably informed.

If you would like to submit a guest post, please get ahold of me via the contact page, or leave a comment with your email address here.

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