Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy Deals at Sea Otter

Shopping for cheap jerseys.
Anyone who has ever been to Sea Otter knows that it is the place to get crazy discounts on cycling merch... not to mention the really good possibility of scoring some totally free giveaways plus a couple hundred stickers!

Sometimes I think that my number one favorite thing about Sea Otter is the multitude of free stickers that I bring back home. I'm not exaggerating either: anyone who has seen my pickup truck can vouch for my love of cycling stickers!

IMBA Giveaway
I've already blogged about the raffle that IMBA is running for the Niner Air 9, but on top of that they hooked up a number of the first people to register or renew with a free pair of tires, a pint glass, a bandana, a great sticker, and a box of Clif Crunch Bars. Seriously, can you really beat that?

Shades and Socks
While there are tons of epic deals to be had, the two that I have availed myself of are some crazy deals on shades and socks.

This vendor, which I cannot remember the name of, is selling socks at 6 pairs for $20 and cycling sunglasses for 8.  These socks aren't just some crappy old no-name socks either, they are high-quality Sock Guy socks! Since I was first exposed to Sock Guy at Sea Otter last year, I have become serious addicted to their socks. The comfort and performance is hard to beat! Normal retail for a pair of these socks is at least $10 if not more... and this guy is selling 3 pairs for that price!

To make the situation even better, the cuff logos may be the most random you have ever seen. One of the pairs of socks that I picked up reads: "Happy New Year 2004" in bright, psychedelic lettering. When it comes to socks, the gaudier, the better!

While the shades aren't a top name brand, they do seem to be high-quality construction. These days, you can't even buy a crummy pair of gas station sunglasses for eight dollars.

Checking out the shades
I settled on these because they are seriously comfortable and look pretty pimp.
These are definitely not the only deals to be had. The guys over at the Funn booth are selling bar/stem combos for $20 a pop. It's only a certain bar and certain stem, but that price just cannot be beat!

Come on out and roam the expo yourself and discover all of the incredible deals waiting to be had around every corner!


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