Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sock Guy Socks

Friday morning the people from Sock Guy hooked us all up with a free pair of riding socks.  I immediately went back to the tent, threw them on, and headed out for a 20-25 mile ride.  I have to honestly say, these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, cycling or even noncycling. The moment I pulled them on I thought "Wow, these feel amazing!" My feet were very comfortable through out that whole ride. The moisture wicking fabric was doing its job: they felt nice and dry.  It will be interesting to get some serious abuse out of these socks and see how they stand up to the beating. 

Things I'm interested to find out:
  • How quickly they dry after fording a deep stream crossing.
  • If they are too thin to provide warmth when it gets nippy out.  (Even if that's the case, what else would you really expect when it starts getting frigid?)
  • How much use and abuse I can get out of them: how long will they last?
I'm definitely going to be using these socks all the time now!  I'll see how they put up with the use, and maybe post an update later on.


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