Sunday, April 11, 2010

Midwest Ski Trip 2010

As many of you know, back in March 2010 I went on a ski/road trip with my brother up in the Midwest. We were joined by some good friends for the first two days, but then went it alone the rest of the time.  Beginning at Lutsen, Minnesota we then tracked over  to Ski Brule in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and then headed way north in the U.P. to the Keweenaw peninsula to dominate Mount Bohemia. It was a great week of skiing and felt awesome to get back on the snow after two years off. I was blessed with the opportunity to ride with a bunch of friends that I haven't ridden with in years.  All told, this was an amazing trip!

Here are all of the adventures from our trip, presented as chronologically as possible:

Snow in My Forecast
Flying and Traveling
Ski Day 1: Lutsen, MN 
View of Lake Superior from our hotel room
Ski Day 2: Progression. Lutsen, MN 

Freestyle Skiing Video 
Ski Day 3: Exhaustion. Ski Brule, the U.P. of Michigan 
Ski Day 4: Mount Bohemia, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 

Double Cliff Drop

Trail Name Comparison 
Ski Day 5: Final Day. Mount Bohemia, the UP of Michigan
Skiing Action Sequence

Enjoy all of that skiing action!


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