Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sea Otter Classic 2010, Day 1: Jet Lag Sucks

Representing with the Airborne Hoody
Jet lag sucks.  Woke up an hour and a half early than I needed to, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and ready to rock and roll!  It's a beautiful morning outside though, and it bodes well for a fantastic day at Sea Otter! 

I a short thread on a couple of bike forums saying that I was going to be posting regular updates over the course of Sea Otter, but it occurred to me that me posting a link on each of those forums every time I update is not the fastest way for you all to get information.

Rather, if you want to keep up with my as I experience Sea Otter and post oodles of info, your best bet would be to use one of the subscription options on top of the right side bar.  There is an option to subscribe with an RSS feed reader, with email, and as a follower.  The email option is currently a straight feed from my blog, meaning you will get an email every time I post a blog.  Soon I want to have an option available for you to subscribe to a weekly email newsletter, but for now this is what we're working with!

So stay tuned, it's going to be awesome!  Looking forward to bringing you loads of amazing photos!

Waking up with an awesome cup of coffee in Monterey, California


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