Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FW: MT riders just lost trail access, are your trails next?

Have you received this email from IMBA, and if not, have you at least heard about the scandall taking place in Montana? Some of the best trails in Montana have been shut down, and I didn't even take the opportunity to ride them on the few times I passed through Bozeman!!!

It's an absolute shame.  Check out the email below for more info, go here for a debate about the issue, and join the Montana Mountain Bike Alliance for FREE no matter where you live to help support the fight for trails!

This is not my image, but is an example of what we as a mountain biking community are losing.  Click here for more images from the Gallatin Crest.

Another example of what we're losing. (From here)

International Mountain Biking Association
Urgent... IMBA needs your support right now

Free The Trail socks feature a cool fold-down cuff. Every donation of $35 or more earns a free pair. But hurry -- supplies are limited.

Last week, Montana mountain bikers saw trail access cut from 170 miles to just 20 miles in the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn area.
The news led Bob Allen, a devoted Montana mountain bike advocate, to say, "We are about to lose many, many miles of the best singletrack on the planet."
But IMBA has not given up on regaining access to these trails. And neither should you.
The restrictions stem from a lawsuit that challenged the Forest Service's management of the area, setting the stage for similar scenarios in Montana, and perhaps across the United States.
Is your favorite trail next? It's essential that you donate to our advocacy fund now and help IMBA protect the places we ride.
The judge's decision was not based on environmental impacts caused by mountain biking. It was intended to increase other trail users' feeling of solitude. 
By donating to IMBA, you are helping put advocacy staff on the ground in places where anti-mountain biking policies like this are debated.
Because of your support we're also able speak loudly on Capitol Hill. IMBA staff meet with congressional leaders, testify before congressional committees and conduct workshops on behalf of riders like you.
We all know that one of the best ways to enjoy America's superb outdoor experiences is from the seat of a bike.
But think about the magnitude and the importance of
challenges we face as trail users. Opponents to our
sport are united and powerful.
Take the lead with IMBA today and support our work to provide
 great trail experiences.
Thanks in advance for your donation,

Executive Director
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

P.S. As a thank you, every donation of $35 or more earns a FREE pair of FOX "Free The Trail" socks -- while supplies last.
It's time to protect our right to ride... please donate.
P.S.S. Read more about the situation in Montana.
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Boulder, CO 80302
United States
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