Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeff over on the blog just put up a post about this website called
As he said,

Think of it as the 2010 cycling census - stand up and be counted!
And the tweet that I sent afterwards really sums it up well:
I joined in uniting a million voices to improve the future of biking. Won't you?
We as a sport need to get off the couch and get more involved in bike and trail advocacy.  Signing up on this website is the least you can do to help protect our sport!

More Thoughts
I should have written more when I originally posted this.  Sorry, it's a crazy day, lots of papers to write, finals to study for, etc. etc.

But I've been thinking about this topic of bike advocacy more and more.  The issue that I keep seeing again and again is that there are a few people out there really pushing the envelope and advocating for the sport.  The problem is, the majority of bikers are willing to sit back and not get involved.  To them they can't be bothered to fit for their right to trails and bike lanes. 

Bike riders everywhere, we need to stand up and be counted!  If every bicyclist banded together, we could easily reach the 1 million goal that is shooting for.  What could we do if law makers saw that there were a million, 2 million? or more people willing to stand up and say "Hey, I'm a citizen of this country, and as such my 2 million friends and I have the right to quality areas to ride our bikes!"

Let's make this happen people.  Get involved in advocacy today!

What are your experiences with trail and/or bicycle advocacy? How have you been involved or not been involved?  Feel free to post a comment below!


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