Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally Riding

Rider: Anthony. Photo: Greg.
A few day ago I got out for an easy ride with Anthony at the Gainesville State College trail in an attempt to relieve the frustration.  I tried to take it easy, as I was still recovering from that weird mid-back strain.  I'm still recovering, but am planning on going for a ride either at Bull Mountain or Bear Creek later today.  I've just been itching to hit the trail!

Green buds on the trees. Photo: Greg

These were the perfect trails to warm back up on, too.  Mostly flat,not too technical, but still singletrack, and interesting enough to make a good 8 mile ride out of two laps.

The short ride at GSC did help relieve the tension.  It was a beautiful day, and just felt awesome to be out on the trails! In the week that I had been off of my bike, the woods had gone straight from brown to green.  The seemingly overnight transformation was beautiful to behold!

Rider: Greg. Photo: Anthony.

Boardwalk section. Rider: Anthony. Photo: Greg

Rider: Anthony. Photo: Greg

The woods are greening up! Photo: Greg.

Dusty Trail. Rider: Anthony. Photo: Greg

Green undergrowth. Rider: Anthony. Photo: Greg


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