Friday, April 23, 2010

Update About the Blog, and Accepting Guest Posts

Hey guys,
I wanted to take some time and write a quick update about the blog and the direction I'm headed with it. This blog isn't going to be just another bike-story type blog, with a blow-by-blow "I did this, and I got passed by these people here, and then I crashed in this stream here..." There are a bunch of blogs like that all over the internet, and some of them are pretty dang good.  Rather, what I want this to progress into is more of a informational and instructional hub, leaning more heavily towards the instructional side. It is still a blog with a real person (and hopefully soon "people") writing it, so sure personal stories and experiences will get integrated into the information and instruction. I think that's good, that's real, and that's what mountain biking is about!

Towards the informational end of the spectrum, I have been working hard on my "trail review series." While there are several awesome mountain bike trail websites out there, what I am doing with this series here on my blog is to write long, in-depth descriptions of quality trails.  From my personal experiences on trail sites, while they are great, I often find that they either:

  1. Don't have enough information
  2. Have too much crappy information that it is hard to sift through
The trail review series here on will remedy both of those issues. I definitely won't have every trail out there, so awesome websites like will always be incredible, indispensable resources (which I use alot).

The instructional side is where I want to start moving more, and to that end I've added a new tab in the top link bar, "Tips for Beginners." After having ridden hard and long all over the nation for over 5 years and having been tutored by some incredible riders, I feel authoritative enough to write some beginner-tip type series. Stay tuned for more of this type of content

Guest Posts
In a couple weeks I will be doing some traveling all over the nation (again), but this time I don't want to have to worry about posting every day while I'm away. Instead, I want to focus on having a good time, and gathering content to publish when I get back. 

If you are interested in possibly writing a guest post for this blog, please feel free to email it to me: g.gaheil AT gmail DOT com (no spam) by the beginning of May. Guest posting is a great opportunity for both you and I to expand our reach in the mountain biking blogosphere.  I will, of course, give you full credit for whatever you write, with a link or two back to your site (if you have one). Original, unpublished content only please.  Keep in mind the two main goals above, but if you have an excellent ride report with outstanding photography, shoot that my way too.

After less than 3 months, has only just begun! It's been an awesome ride so far, and will only continue to get better!  If you have any questions about the goals for this blog or the possibility of contributing via a guest post, feel free to drop me a comment below.


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