Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello to Everyone from Crank Listed

A Quick PS to my post from earlier today:

Hello to everyone coming on over from the Crank Listed / Loving The Bike blog competition!  I'd like to officially say hello, and welcome to my blog!  If you're wondering whether or not Greg Rides Trails is worth your vote, I invite you to check out the different tabs along the top of the page, especially the "Trail Review Series" tab and the "Tips for Beginners" tab.

Also, here are a couple of posts from last week that may interest you:

Devil's Backbone, Loveland, Colorado Trail Review (With Video)
Lucy's Loop, Levis Mounds, Neillsville, Wisconsin (With Video)
Mountain Bike Skill: Looking Down the Trail
So feel free to take your time, look around, read, watch some videos, drop a comment here or there, and enjoy yourself!  If you like what you see, be sure to vote for, and possibly subscribe to my feed using one of the options on the right hand bar!

Have fun!


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