Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snodgrass, Crested Butte, Colorado

Getting There
Head north out of Crested Butte towards the resort, hang a left on Washington Gulch, and the trail starts a couple miles down on the right. Snodgrass runs between Washington Gulch and Gothic road, so you could start on either end, or loop it. If you are riding it as an out and back, park down on Washington so you can do most of the climbing at the beginning.

Navigational Resources

Mountain Bike Crested Butte Gunnison & Salida Singletrack by Holly Annala and #131 Crested Butte Pearl Pass

I got a lot of use out of this book. It had solid descriptions!

The Route
3.5 miles out and 3.5 miles back, it's a pretty straightforward trail!

All About the Trail
Beginning down on Washington Gulch, it's pretty much a straight climb up to the top. Some of the climbs are long and steep, but definitely doable.

Snodgrass is a nice little trail that is super twisty through the trees, and just a fun ride. Coming back downhill is a great run, offering up some incredible flow. There's nothing super technical, but there are a couple of short, steep hills, but the dirt is so tacky they are completely doable. 

The greatest thing about Snodgrass is the scenery.  Whether it is winding through the tight, white aspens characteristic of this area of Colorado on beautiful black soil, or topping out on the ridge next to Crested Butte ski resort and looking out over the village and the valley, this short three and a half mile trail is a pleasure to ride!

Bottom Line:
 This is a beautiful, entertaining trail that's great for an after dinner ride, even if you've already had a long day on the singletrack!

Sorry about the lack of photographs.  When I rode this trail, I was on a foolish philosophical kick where I thought that spending time taking pictures of places I visited detracted from being "in the moment" so to speak.  Again, foolish, as who knows if I'll ever get to visit some of those places again?

If you want, you can check out some pictures here.


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