Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top Posts of the Week

I thought I'd take a little time this Sunday to highlight some top posts of the week. First of all, two posts got published yesterday, one of which is going to be the central landing post for all of the upcoming mountain bike skills related posts, and the second was about running as cross training.  Be sure to check those out!

The two posts that I think were easily the best posts of the week are:
  1. Airborne Zeppelin Elite: First Impressions from Sea Otter -- This was a long breakdown of the Zeppelin Elite and my experiences riding it in California.  It includes a lot of quality information, great photos, and two edited helmet cam videos.
  2. The Trick to Getting over Obstacles on a Mountain Bike -- This is my first mountain bike skills related post, and is an extensive look at how to power wheelie over obstacles.  Complete with two different video examples, hopefully this will be a great post reference post for years to come!
Check 'em out if you haven't already, and enjoy your Sunday!


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