Saturday, October 16, 2010

Become a Better Climber on Your Mountain Bike

My Guest Post
Hey guys, In case you didn't notice the update on the Greg Rides Trails Facebook Page, I recently got a guest blog post published on one of the biggest mountain bike blogs on the internet:!

In it, I share 7 Tactics for Tackling that Next Steep Hill. These tactics don't really address the mental state that you have to assume to be a competent climber, but rather focus on the tangible, technical skills necessary for defeating those nasty-steep hills. 

The specific tactics covered are:
  1. Don't wait to shift.
  2. Shift all the way down.
  3. Choose the right line
  4. Keep your butt in the saddle.
  5. Maintain a smooth, circular pedal stroke.
  6. Remember to breathe, and keep loose.
  7. "Row the boat."
"Rowing the boat" is the main point of the article, and I dive into a detailed description of how to do it in order to maintain rear wheel traction.

If you want learn how to become a better climber on a mountain bike,
click here and read my article!

Mountain Bike Skills
Catch up on the rest of the mountain bike skill series here.  More skill-related posts are in the works! 


AJ Heil October 16, 2010 at 5:11 PM  

I found this article very interesting and I am sure that I will be referencing it in the future! The techniques discussed are essential to building refined climbing skills.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I read this post about a week ago - not knowing you guest authored it - And found it to be very well written and composed! The summary at the end is very helpful as well to retain the shared knowledge.


Greg Heil October 16, 2010 at 8:19 PM  

Hey dude, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad it was informative... that was my goal!

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