Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lower Glen and Swamp Cut, Levis Mounds, Wisconsin

Lower Glen. Photo: AJ Heil.
This trail is a part of the Levis Mounds trail system.
Lower Glen and Swamp Cut seem to run together as the same trail. They are both very similar in construction, and are closely related to their brother trail, Yellow Jacket . If you’ll go back to the main post , you’ll see that Lower Glen > Swamp Cut > Yellow Jacket is the first large chunk of my recommended cross country loop. Those first three trails are very similar, and yet Yellow Jacket is very distinct from Lower Glen and Swamp Cut

Lower Glen (0.8 miles)
Photo: AJ Heil.
Lower Glen is often the first trail I get on when leaving the parking lot. The singletrack twists and turns at the same time that it bobs and dips through the trees. Running across mostly flat ground, it is still a fun trail. Yet, Lower Glen and Swamp Cut are really just trails that you’d take to get to the real goods.

The original section of Lower Glen started in a tight stand of young trees, and began with a great-flowing section are really loamy dirt (which is a rarity compared to the rest of Levis’ sandy soil). That original beginning was recently incorporated into Lucy’s Loop, but the new reroute for Lower Glen promises to be pleasing as well, once it gets ridden in a bit more.

Swamp Cut (0.5 miles)
Photo: AJ Heil.
The section of trail technically named “Swamp Cut” begins with a tight squeeze between two trees joined at the roots. That quick squish between the trees (don’t wuss out and ride around) is a descriptive oracle for the rest of the trail. Swamp Cut, as well as Lower Glen, are both on the twistier/turnier side of things when compared to Yellow Jacket, and is what really sets these trails apart.Swamp Cut also contains several ladder bridges over swampy sections of trail.

In reality, the Lower Glen > Swamp Cut > Yellow Jacket section rides best as a whole, uninterrupted flatland singletrack delight. Despite the fact that there is no serious elevation gain until Buck Hill right at the end, this tree-lined serpentine singletrack is a joy to ride!

Upon further review, some of the footage from the video posted yesterday is probably from Swamp Cut.

Your Turn: Ridden these trails? Give your thoughts below!


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