Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goat Dance Trail, Levis Mounds, Wisconsin

2010. Photo: AJ Heil.
This trail is a part of the Levis Mounds trail system. 

The most remote and longest single trail in the Levis Mounds trail system, Goat Dance is a beautiful example of singletrack done right! Built as a 3.6 mile lariat (2.4 mile loop, .6 mile tail), I recommend riding it in a clockwise fashion to take advantage of the switchbacks while descending.

The trail flows through the trees in the flats as it approaches the far mound, making use of natural dips in the terrain to create an entertaining flatland ride.  Before too long, the trail gradually starts pointing upward. Most folks consider the Midwest to be completely devoid of hard climbs or entertaining downhills--but Goat Dance proves them wrong!  The longest sustained climb in the trail system is found here on Goat Dance.  The trail climbs all the way from the flat to the top of the mound without respite.  The one area where it does flatten out is plagued by deep pits of sand, which make darn sure you aren't resting as you attempt to stay upright while spraying sand with your back tire! Upon reaching the top, it is time for a well deserved breather and a drink of water.

Photo circa 2004. Photo by: Greg.
A speedy bench-cut downhill ensues directly off of the high point, dropping over the ridge off of the sunny side of the mound into the shady forests on the north side.  Goat Dance eventually winds its way back up past several small sandstone cliffs to the top of a beautiful section of downhill switchbacks.  Like most of the trails at Levis, this section is very sandy and fragile.  Enjoy the turns, but don't skid!

After the switchbacks the trail straightens into a screaming bomb the remaining way down to the flatlands, where a little pedaling completes the loop of the lariat.

Bottom Line
Heading to Levis? Ride Goat Dance!

Your Turn: I wasn't able to get out to Goat Dance this year.  The guys behind Levis are great at staying on top of trailwork and maintenance, so if there are any reroutes that should be mentioned, post a comment below and keep everyone up to speed!


Daniel June 5, 2010 at 11:31 PM  

My old man lives out that way and is always trying too get me out that direction to see them. .....
Is it really wrong to go out for the riding and stop by to see them? LOL

Greg Heil June 6, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

Just as long as you spend a couple of good days hanging out with him, I'm sure he won't begrudge you a little singletrack time!

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