Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Levis Wrap Up and Additional Information

AJ Heil on Sidewinder. Photo:?
Whew, it seems like I've been blogging about Levis all year!  Actually, at last count this will be the 24th post that I've written about Levis.  Every trail has been reviewed, and it's time to give it a rest. Over the course of these 24 posts, I've built what will hopefully be an excellent reference for any mountain biker traveling to ride the awesome singletrack at Levis Mounds.  With a detailed analysis of every single trail, recommended routes for the beginner rider, cross-country rider, and technical thrill-seeker, this reference tool will hopefully serve to answer riders' questions for years to come!

I know that when writing about specific trails, some people may find these posts intensely interesting due to having ridden said trails, or wanting to travel to ride them sometime in the future.  On the other hand, some people may have no intention of ever traveling to the Midwest, and as such most of this last month on GregRidesTrails has been a bore to them.  This is a challenging dilemma as a blogger: is the information I'm writing really relevant? 

To those of you who may not have found this relevant at all: I'm sorry, but the posts lined up in my editorial calender are taking a very different tact over the next month.  So stay tuned: there are some things brewing that I'm very excited about! Also, please know that there were hundreds of people interested in these reviews that were linked over from other sites.  And hopefully you at least found the videos entertaining!

To those of you that found these posts interesting and left comments saying so: Thank you!  I hope that I successfully portrayed every one of the trails, and that for those riders who are interested in riding Levis but never have, I hope I have given you the information and inspiration needed to make the journey!

Keeping the Information Up-to-Date 
Here is a way for those of you who are interested in Levis Mound to get involved: help me keep the information updated. Since I no longer live in Wisconsin, I only get to visit these trails once or twice a year.  If you are ever aware of a change to a trail and would like to help out and let me know about it, feel free to drop a comment on the main Levis review page, or on the relevant trail. 

Your Turn:
After reading these 24 posts, feel free to share with me any thoughts on Levis Mound below in the comments section. Also, I'd love to hear feedback on how you thought the series went.  I always appreciate your comments and input!

Additional Information that Might  Be Useful to Know When Traveling to Levis

Trail Fees For Mtn. Biking: Individual (12 years old and up*)
  • Daily $5.00
  • Season $25.00
  • Family $50.00
  • *Children Under 12 Free*
Season passes available from the Clark Co. Forestry Dept. (715-743-5140)

Trail Conditions:

(Updating the main post with this information.)


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