Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yellow Jacket Trail, Levis Mounds, Wisconsin

Rider: ?. Photo: AJ Heil.
The Yellow Jacket trail is a staple out at Levis Mounds.  As the second longest section of singletrack without a junction (after Goat Dance), Yellow Jacket makes up a large portion, 2.4 miles to be exact, of my recommended cross country-style loop. Located on some of the flatter ground, the trail still rolls along for those 2.4 miles, with dips and turns flowing along its whole length.  Prepare to buckle down and climb at the end, as the trail finishes at a sort of hub-like intersection atop of the steep-sided Buck Hill.

Interesting features along its length include some sections of corduroy in the low spots, and a couple of interesting bridges spanning other swampy areas.

Yellow Jacket is definitely a cross country oriented trail, but if you don't have your flow on, it will still seem like a grind-fest for the entire distance.  To be able to drop the hammer and speed through this trail, you really need to get in sync with the rhythm of the turns and flow through this beautiful wooded trail!

Yellow Jacket Trail, Levis Mounds, Wisconsin from Greg Heil on Vimeo.

Your Turn: Have you ridden Yellow Jacket? What are your thoughts about the trail? If not, does it remind you of any trails that you have ridden?

This trail is a part of the Levis Mounds trail system.

PS As I was working on the post for Lower Glen and Swamp Cut, I realized that some of the footage in the above video probably came from Swamp Cut. As I will mention in the next post, live tomorrow, is that the Lower Glen > Swamp Cut > Yellow Jacket section really rides as one continuous stretch of sweet singletrack.  So just enjoy the video!


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