Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today is REALLY the Last Day

Coyote Ridge from this past May.
Last weekend I decided to extend the photo contest a whole week more in order to allow everyone to get a chance to get their photos in.  But tonight at midnight submissions are closed and I (with probably a few other opinions added into the mix) will be deciding who gets the $100 cash, Endo t-shirt, and the two sets of Airborne schwag.

I'm excited to finally pit these photos against each other and give away some cash!  I've received great submissions from people from all over the nation, and look forward to sharing these photos with you this week here on the blog--hopefully on Wednesday. 

Bike Mag just released their oh-so-sweet Photo Annual edition of their magazine, so maybe this will be the Greg Rides Trails photo annual.  With some of the photos that I've received, it definitely could be!

Stay tuned, and get your photos in.

Exit Question: What makes an awesome mountain bike photo?


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